About E-Sports Caribbean League

E-Sports Caribbean League Limited provides a wide range of solutions that covers gaming technology, tournament hosting, and E-League Management in an effort to give digital entertainment enthusiasts an experience like no other. We also give publishers, brands, and partners exposure to a targeted audience, thereby enabling them to generate new revenue streams by leveraging this unique and highly sought after demographic.

Our Services

E-Sports Caribbean League’s services empower businesses and players to reap the most reward from the growing E-Sports industry.

Gaming Technology
Digital equipment rentals and the provision of gaming equipment setup. There is a plethora of equipment needed to successfully run any digital event. We offer digital screens, networking equipment, walkie-talkies and a whole lot more! Contact us for more information.
We host gaming tournaments throughout the year across several gaming genres. We also host tournaments as a service which will appeal to companies that want to tap into the E-Sports market but don’t have to technical expertise to get everything set up. Contact us for more information.
We manage the Caribbean’s first E-Sports League for the accurate ranking of players. Players interested in joining the league can contact us at info@esportscaribbean.com. Players that join the league benefit from player profiles, tournament results as well as overall ranking across the region.

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